Hi, I'm Dana, and I am your photographer! My passion for photography began when I first picked up my dad's old school film camera. I found that I really enjoyed photographing people and pets. I loved capturing their emotion, and uniqueness. I never left the house without a camera, and I still do not to this day. I graduated from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in 2007 with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology.

The part of photography that I love the most is capturing the emotions and memories that will last forever for my clients to look back on. I want the moments I capture to be amazing since these are the photographs that will be passed down through generations.

My all time favorite time of the year is autumn. I love everything from the colors of the changing leaves to the brisk weather to Halloween. So hence the colors of my site and logos. Please enjoy my site! Contact me for my current prices and packages. I am from the woodlands of Montgomery County, PA.